Ein Tzukim Nature Reserve

Ein Feshkha, also known as Einot Tzukim, is the lowest nature reserve in the world, located in the Judean Desert alongside the shores of the Dead Sea, in the Megilot Region. The reserve, due to its location at the lowest point on earth, and on the shores of the mineral rich and saline Dead Sea set on much of the land that has been reclaimed since the Dead Sea shrunk, is relatively unique. It also features some archaeological gems.

The Ein Feshkha reserve is divided into three sections –

  1. The northern section which is closed to the public and used by researchers, a central section which is open to the public an features a series of pools for swimming.
  2. The southern section which is open to the public only when visiting on an organized group tour or a specially licensed private tour guide. Walking through the reserve at Ein Feshkha you are struck by the beautiful nature rich foliage, pools swarming with fish, and diverse and extensive wildlife – not something you would expect in the middle of the desert, let alone on the shores of the salty waters of the Dead Sea. You’ll also be struck by the shrinkage of the Dead Sea. In the central, open reserve, markers show the level of the Dead Sea at various times throughout recent history the distance between these is a harsh reminder.
  3. Within Ein Feshkha are the archaeological ruins of a Herodian complex – an impressive villa and industrial building. Throughout history, the shores of the Dead Sea have attracted the high class and wealthy, looking to take advantage of the unique properties of the water.

The Ein Feshkha reserve is at the north of the Dead Sea, near Qumran. It is close to Ein Gedi, and many other sites in the Judean Desert.

  • Summer (April to September) – 8am-5pm Winter (October to March) – 8am-4pm. Entrance is up until one hour before closing, and on Fridays and holiday eves the reserve closes one hour earlier English language tours of the southern (closed) reserve run every Thursday and Friday at 11:00.
  • Adults 29 NIS, Children 15 NIS

One comment

  1. I visited this place hundreds of times over the years with so many groups and I can’t get enough of it. It’s am miracle in the middle of the desert, where normally nothing grows. Show it to everyone how wrong they are.


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